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Architecture that sustains itself without any external inputs

Our intention is to bring awareness and create a platform where people can come forward share their experiences and beliefs with others and seek mutual benefits. We will also provide information on latest developments in the area of “green energy” and “green architecture”. We have chosen “green architecture” especially because architecture is associated with a huge consumption of energy during construction and later it has a recurring energy consumptions for the rest of it’s life. Architecture affects the present and future and it gives us an opportunity to rethink and recreate something more efficient.

Readers participants suggestions and feedbacks would be appreciated so that we can come closer to achieve our objectives.

Green Power Team


Sharad Saxena – Founder & Mentor

With a background of a Technocrat, Mr. Sharad has spent good part of his Industrial career in hard core operations. Manufacturing Auto components and assembling vehicles. He has also been involved with conventional to high-end portable Battery technology. (From Zinc Carbon to Lithium).

Mr. Sharad is alumnus of IIT Kanpur ( B.Tech Mechanical ) 1977 Batch.

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Dr. Rakesh Saxena

Dr Rakesh is distinguished Professor with Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Technology, GBPUAT, Pantnagar.

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Manish Srivastava

Mr. Manish is an Electrical Enigineer, with vast knowledge of IT Integration across number of Industry Verticals, He has been interest in sustainable product developmet since his studies in Electrical Engineering at BHU Varanasi.

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Shivendu Jauhari

Shivendu has been a practicing architect, with varied interests in architecture to communication design. He founded Design Praxis, has been actively involved in field of sustainable development and green architecture.

Shivendu is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, 2001 Batch

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Neha Saxena

Ms Neha is practising Architect, with interest in Urban Design and Sustainable Community Development Programs.

She completed her Bachelors in Architectural Studies from NMMU, PE, South Africa

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Associated Groups

Design Praxis
Multi Disciplinary Design Studio with focus on Green & Sustainable Architecture based in Pune.